Search the Files of the Registry of Charitable Trusts

  • Welcome to the search page of the Registry of Charitable Trusts (RCT). Here you are able to search for information on charities, charity fundraising professionals, and raffle registrants.

  • This search page provides access to information about various types of entities that are registered with the Registry of Charitable Trusts. With a few exceptions, it does not currently provide access to electronic copies of documents filed with the Registry. Electronic copies of filings by certain registrants, such as the annual financial reports filed by commercial fundraisers for charitable purposes, are available elsewhere on the Charities website. Access to these reports is available at CFR search.

  • Please enter search criteria below to start your search. Enter data in any field. Remember, the fewer your search criteria, the broader the range of the results that will be obtained by your search. For example, if you search using a name or federal employer identification number (FEIN) and leave the Registration Type or the Record Type fields blank, your results may return multiple registrations for the entity. It may be, for example, that the entity is registered both as a charity and as an organization conducting raffles.

  • If you have partial information, you may use a wildcard search by placing an asterisk at the beginning or end of the search terms entered. For example, if you are not sure whether a name is spelled Alan or Allen, enter Al* to search.

  • Searches by just Secretary of State or Franchise Tax Board Number or just FEIN can be slow. Searches using both of those numbers return results relatively quickly.

  • For help using and interpreting the results from the Registry Search, please review Registry Search Feature – Tips for use and definition of the codes.